Survey Results: Tips for Attracting & Retaining Talent in 2021 -

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The search for talent has become increasingly more difficult post pandemic. Understanding what employees want from a work environment can help you attract and retain talent. Business Sherpa Group collected data from employees across multiple industries and from a variety of professional and levels. This is a summary of some of our key findings.

We hope this information helps you make business decisions that support your organization’s talent management strategy!

98% of Employees Want to Work-From-Home Each Week

Less than 2% of employees in our survey indicated they want to return to the office full-time after the pandemic. The remainder want to work a hybrid arrangement. 57% of respondents prefer a mix of virtual and in-office work that they control and 17% prefer to be able to work virtually and only attend in-person on an exceptional basis.

67% of Employees Value Flexibility Over Higher Pay

Only 15% of respondents indicated they would take higher pay and less flexibility. Offering flexibility can make any total compensation package more competitive.

Creative solutions that focus on the work to be done over the time of day and location of work could yield higher engagement and lower operating costs.

34% Flexibility is Valued More than Benefits

In our survey, 100% of respondents ranked flexibility as being more important to them than health and dental benefits. This may be indicative of the pandemic where a lot of paramedical and dental services were limited, but it still highlights how important and how valued flexibility is to employees.

While the pandemic has shifted the hiring process indefinitely, it is time to start listening to employee needs. In our ever changing environment, the workforce can adapt to develop creative solutions to meet these needs.