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Business Sherpa Group was proud to host an event regarding transparency early in May, looking at the new provisions in the Working Four Workers Act. This will require changes in policies around transparency, the use of AI, and different provisions around pay. Laura Gauley, our Human Resources expert, sat down with Ward Verschaeve, our Marketing Coordinator, to address business concerns and look at the opportunities SME’s have through this legislation.

We also recently spoke about transparency on the CanadianSME Podcast. You can listen here:

Impact of Pay Transparency on SMEs: An insightful chat with Laura Gauley


Why Transparency Matters

We’ve seen this push for businesses to change their approach with regards to transparency coming for a while now, especially coming out of 2020. Workers want their managers to be more open, to communicate more, and they’re willing to put their work where their mouth is. Surveys suggest more workers do not apply to places that aren’t transparent in their salary levels across all age groups. Thus, it is becoming clear that being open on this issue is a win for businesses and employees alike.


Getting Ready For Changes

The provisions around pay transparency have no set implementation date at the time this article was written. This doesn’t mean businesses should wait until there is a deadline set by the government, as these things take more time than one might expect. Transparency on pay is a policy just like all the others at a business, and will require a review of practices, input from your team, and a plan to address any issues that arise from the increased access to information. We as human beings are never warm to change, yet change is constant.


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Wrapping It Up

We want to thank those that came to the discussion for their participation, and to our HR team for working on this project. If small business owners have any questions on transparency or are looking at this change and wondering if they have other policies to review, our team of policy experts can help you look at changes from a small business perspective, to bring your team and your organization closer together.


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