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Need support with hiring, but not sure where to start? We manage and execute on your recruiting process from end to end, or can jump in and fill the gaps where needed.

Our mandate is simple: we’re here to help, whether that means helping you recruit on a limited budget, supporting you on a years-long journey of growth or quickly mobilizing resources to help your HR team through a hiring blitz. As virtual, embedded recruiters we act both strategically and operationally.

It’s this strategic alignment, along with our team’s expertise and integrity, that has enabled us to earn the trust of over 400 clients since 2008 and have a significant impact on their success.

Business Sherpa Group is a business solutions company that offers flexible, sustainable and affordable consulting for small to medium-sized businesses. Embedded in your organization, our associates work virtually or in-house to provide the optimal level of oversight and execution across key business functions – including managed recruitment!


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