What Makes a Great Business Sherpa? -

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Business Sherpa Group has been helping small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) build, scale and enhance performance for 10 years and we continue to grow as more and more SMEs adopt the virtualization model for core business functions. Critical to this approach is our great team of Business Sherpas who can bring their vast knowledge, experience and skills in core business functions including Finance, HR, Marketing, Strategy & Governance to be strategic guides but are also part of the assent team on the journey up the mountain with our clients.

We are focused on small and mid-sized businesses across every sector in for-profit and not-for-profit industries. We touch technology start-ups, private owner operated businesses or partnership firms and NGOs/NFPs across Canada and North America.

Our approach and solutions address both the strategic and operational needs of SMEs and are designed around business conditions they operate in which leads to long standing trusted relationships.

The Team

Our team includes employees and independent consultants who have made personal choices to work in a different way where they can create a balance that works for them personally and professionally. The opportunity to work in the way they want, with people and organizations they enjoy, doing work that expands experiences and brings an impact and contribution to these organizations as well as the leaders and owners who struggle to build on their own.

We are growing!

There is building demand and we are continually looking for additional Sherpas in a number of areas and specialties. So, as you contemplate your own journey and what is next, you may wonder what makes a great Business Sherpa? Here is our list and if this resonates with you we would love to hear from you.

  1. You have climbed the business mountain before and know the journey. You have set up base camps, know the routes, the danger zones and what is needed to reach the peak. As an experienced professional in finance, HR, marketing or business strategy you are able to recognize the patterns, help navigate the immediate challenges and set a course with an eye on the peak.
  2. You can and want to help carry the load. Moving beyond just advising and pointing a way forward, you want to be part of the team, carry heavy packs and lighten the loads of others so everyone is at their best and operating with their strengths.  Moving beyond strategy, you have a strong desire to implement the plan and bring it to life as part of the team.
  3. You are oriented towards efficiency and essentials. Knowing what is needed now and later to succeed on a difficult journey is key. Bringing unnecessary tools and excess supplies not only slows the team, they can clutter out what is essential.   You have a fine-tuned business perspective, and understand while there are always options, it is easy to drift off course with trendy approaches or promises to do everything.  Focus and execution is your mantra.
  4. You know a healthy body, peaceful mind and centred spirit are essential for peak performance. This means arriving on your next journey with a mindful decision of what you are doing next, how you want to work and with whom. Doing meaningful work, contributing to greater outcomes, making an impact, continuing to learn with expanded experiences, working with people you enjoy, in a way that provides personal control over your precious time brings you to that great space.
  5. You are drawn to be part of team rather than taking a solo journey. Having others to provide support, to complement your strengths and weaknesses, to connect with and share ideas, to work through complexities and to simply enjoy each other’s company…. responds to our nature to being connected with others and offers our clients a collection of great minds and experiences.

We Want to Hear From You!

We are looking for professionals at every stage of career and across sectors so we can design a team to support strategic and operational functions inside of our SME clients.

Check out our job postings for further details and how to get in touch to get started on your next journey.