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Business Sherpa Group’s Dr. Sue Haywood spoke to the Strap on Your Boots Zero to CEO podcast about virtual work, employee mental health, and other pressing issues for startups. Read our summary here and check out the podcast on the Strap on Your Boots website or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Dr. Sue Haywood, Director of People and HR at Business Sherpa Group recently sat down with Jason Sherman of the Strap on Your Boots podcast to discuss several changes that have happened since the start of the pandemic and how to use those changes to strengthen your organization. From supporting employee mental health to creating community virtually, there is something for everyone to learn from this dynamic and insightful 15-minute discussion.

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Virtual Work

There’s a difference between workplaces that allow work from home and workplaces that are virtual or hybrid workplaces, according to Sue. Virtual workplaces have seen the signs and know going remote means a change in approach. Emphasizing letting people work when it’s best for them, encouraging employees to take breaks to pick up children, go for a walk, or just collect themselves.

This way of work helps prevent burnout and can improve productivity as workers can do their work when they know they’ll be able to focus. If outputs and deadlines are met, it shouldn’t matter when in the day they’re done.

Employee Mental Health

Working from home can be very isolating for some, especially when some people are social by nature. There can be ways to foster community in a virtual setting, Sue argues, from small efforts like having a chat where people can socialize about not work topics or coordinating voluntary social meetings once a month where people can get to know each other, or by sending each other letters and post cards. Let employees find what works best for them to feel less alone and support that initiative.

Next Steps

There are so many questions managers are asking as the world of work changes around us, from retaining talent, communicating values virtually, or the role of AI in the workplace, all questions with not much precedent to guide predictions. This discussion investigates many of these issues, outlining how managers can embrace the change and use it to better their organizations. To hear the full discussion and to learn more about our podcast partner, follow the link below.

Listen: How to Best Engage with your Startup Remotely