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Brockville Hub

Attention Eastern Ontario: Virtual Sherpas are here to stay!

We are very pleased to introduce the Business Sherpa Group Brockville Hub that will serve the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston.

Business Sherpa Group (BSG) has created a unique business model to provide sustainable and flexible support of non-core functions to small and medium-sized businesses across North America for almost a decade.

This model offers sustainable and flexible back office support in non-core functions, and while it not only works well in larger cities, the model is particularly valuable when introduced to smaller communities where access to these resources has historically been scarce or unaffordable. Eastern Ontario business operators are welcoming greater access to virtual back office supports because of the flexibility this model offers. In fact, this model is fast becoming the preferred model businesses are using to resource these functions.

Now businesses in Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston will be able to access a broad team of senior and operational consultants including recruiters, human resources leaders, virtual CFOs, bookkeepers, strategic executives, and marketers.

How Can We Help?

We can connect your business to Human Resources (HR Senior Leaders, Recruiters), Financial (Virtual CFO, Bookkeepers), Marketing, Business Strategy, Family Enterprise and Business Coaching experts. Service offerings are tailored to the specific business needs of the organization, can start and stop as required, and can be structured to support a specific project or embedded as a resource in your organization.

Our Sherpas leverage technology to provide services remotely or they can provide their services on-site. Our clients quickly determine the right blend of on-site and virtual supports they need.

Professional Partnerships

BSG offers a good value proposition to associates who prefer to work, live, learn and grow as professionals in smaller communities, as well as to operate in a socially and environmentally conscious manner when choosing how to do their work. They welcome the opportunity to build their expert base of knowledge through exchanges with their contacts in the BSG community and the professional development offered there.

Most importantly, our associates are committed to the added value this model brings to the businesses they support.

About The Author

Jennifer Eastwood is the Business Solutions Leader for our Brockville, Ontario service hub. Jennifer is a strategic thinker, a highly engaged leader, and has consistently achieved excellence through collaboration internal and external to the businesses and organizations she has supported.

If you would like to learn more about Jennifer, keep reading here.

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