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As the leader of a small business, do you ever feel like you are wearing 6 hats and racing from one important priority to another? Would it make your life a whole lot easier if you could pass one or two of your “hats” to someone that you truly trust so that you could focus on growing your core business?

Like many small business leaders, as the business grows, you need to do more to keep up and you need to keep costs in check – making hiring additional full time staff out of the question.

HR and Finance are Critical Areas

The critically important non-core areas of Finance and HR need focused attention and expertise and are very difficult to do well on the “side of your desk”. While often it’s not realistic to hire a full-time resource with this type of expertise, there is another way that you may not have considered…


Outsourcing these functions to a trusted, embedded resource is becoming increasingly popular for both large and small organizations. You can access someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and delivers a customized service with the robust backup support of a full team to draw upon if needed, and all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource.

By adding a Sherpa, your journey will include someone who works as part of your team over a short or extended period, in the amount you need, and who shares your business priorities. Every Sherpa is vetted, high calibre and values the Business Sherpa Group approach of putting the client first.

The Sherpa Approach

Sherpas are known for their expertise and dedication to support their client to the summit. Business Sherpa Group’s (BSG) consultants take this responsibility to heart and provide customized business guidance to each client.

BSG’s proven and sustainable approach is to combine the support of our senior consultants and operational experts in the appropriate amounts to meet your business needs. Our consultants become part of your internal team and deliver services either virtually or in-house.

We are your partners on this journey and the team you can count on over the long-term. 

From a Client

“Since the first meeting, the Business Sherpa Group has been a fundamental force of business change for ProSlide. The Business Sherpa Group sees the path, they execute on the plan, they help find the solutions and support you through every step on the journey. I would recommend any business looking to up their game to consider engaging with this Sherpa team.”

Rick Hunter, President & CEO, ProSlide Technology Inc.

Why This Works for Small and Medium Enterprises

The value of the embedded resource approach is noticed in many ways:

  • Highly Flexible – Customized support allows you to adjust priorities and dial up or dial down our services as your business needs fluctuate.
  • Cost Effective – Pay only for what you need and keep costs down by leveraging our mix of senior and operational resources.
  • Experienced – Access to seasoned executives who have ‘been there’, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time salary.
  • Broad Team – Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the extended group. When your needs change or when your Sherpa is away, we have back-up.
  • Single Touch Point – Spend less time managing multiple suppliers and contractors. Our consultants work well together and strengthen communications across functions.
  • Trusted – Our clients trust us. We are honest about your best interests and will suggest when a full-time resource or alternative may make more sense.

To Sum Up

It is important for you, as a leader, to be able to focus on your core business while knowing that functions such as Finance and HR are being taken care of in a customized and sustainable way. Sherpas offer flexible, cost effective expertise that you can draw on for specialized and knowledgeable advice, to handle increased volume, to handle critical business functions and to free you up so that you can place your focus where it needs to be.

To find out more about BSG’s Services, contact Business Sherpa Group at or (613) 656-3499.

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About the Author

Karen Mason has over 20 years of diverse experience in project and program management, business analysis and technology implementation. Karen’s international experience working in Asia, Australia and Europe provides her with deep insights into the operations of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Manufacturing. Combined with varied industry experience in Telecom, High Tech, Financial Services and Broadcasting, this has prepared her to tackle new and unique challenges. Karen has also played critical leadership roles in several large, transformational projects.[/vc_column_text][mk_contact_info email=”” company=”Business Sherpa Group”][/vc_column][/vc_row]