Executive Search

A value-based Executive Search model designed for SMEs

A Value Based Search

We created a Value-Based Executive Search model

Where the true value of the search comes from the quality of service, quality of results and making this accessibly priced for smaller organizations.

This is because we believe that SMEs deserve to have access to effective Executive Search services in order to attract and hire top talent as first-rate leadership is a critical element of all businesses yet often an area that SMEs have been excluded from due to antiquated, expensive agency-type models.

Our Search Team

The search is led by Executive HR Leaders, who bring years of firsthand experience and accountability for building robust leadership teams within organizations, which means we have lived with and understand the importance and impact of hiring top quality leaders.

Read about our latest successful executive search for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. 

We understand how important it is to make great leadership hires that have the impact you need and expect. In addition to the Executive level HR leadership, our team of experienced talent acquisition specialists and researchers round out the team executing searches that include a wide geographic reach, and dives deeply into industry and sectors to identify high potential leadership candidates. Unlike most search firms or agencies, with career headhunters or recruiters that simply place talent, our unique experience offers a lens on fit that comes from working side by side with the leaders we have brought onto teams. We bring this  depth of experience and are hands on to guide our clients in evaluating and selecting their critical leaders.

Sometimes during an active search, it becomes clear that an organization’s needs are slightly different than originally stated. This is a natural effect from continued thought about who an organization wants to lead them. If conditions do change like this, our team is adept at understanding when and how to re-calibrate while nevertheless ensuring optimum results for the client.


We designed our pricing approach with SMEs in mind and are uniquely  use a fixed fee that is typically less than ½ the cost of agencies, understanding the unique business conditions most SMEs face.

Top quality leadership is a critical for every business. We strongly believe that SMEs can benefit from effective Executive Search approaches to find and attract key leadership talent but should not be excluded from this valuable service because of conventional excessive pricing models. Our Executive Search model is specifically focused on SMEs to provide a full executive search process that fits the corporate realities and economics of smaller organizations.

We created a Value-Based Executive Search model where the true value of the search comes from the quality of service, depth and reach of the search, quality of results and making this accessibly priced with budget certainty needed in smaller organizations. Unlike traditional search firm or agency models, where the value (price for results) is fluid and based on on a candidate’s final salary package.

A value-based model means that the price is fixed and not relevant to the candidate’s salary level. Our value-based model is typically 1/2 of the cost of the agency model a percentage of salary, while offering executive level leadership and guidance, deep research and search capabilities to uncover a high-quality short-list of exceptional leadership talent. The focus remains on the quality of the hire and finding the best possible fit for the organization.

Our Approach

A structured process helps to effectively clarify expectations and set goals. Our process has a defined roadmap with clear timelines and milestones.

We believe that a good process helps to clarify expectations and effectively achieve goals. Our structured Executive Search process utilizes a defined project plan with clear timelines and milestones.

Having a defined project plan at the outset allows for clear visibility to what to expect, and to nimbly act during the active search as needed. We build the project plan that includes structured search phases with an understanding of any time constraints to allow us to proactively schedule around busy stakeholders to maintain an efficient search.

From experience, we know that good planning and anticipating important deadlines for the busy hiring committees, boards and other stakeholders helps to keep them focused on timing realities of making a key hire. We keep the internal hiring leads or committees informed at every step with weekly or more frequent updates so there is good visibility on how things are progressing and calibrate accordingly.

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