Finance Leaders

Strong Financial Leadership

The support of a senior finance leader is an essential component in ensuring strong financial strategy.

Our embedded approach means we place a Finance Leader (Virtual CFO) who becomes a part of your senior management team. A finance leader will build internal capacity in your organization by increasing efficiencies and bringing a financial planning focus to your important business decisions. They provide oversight for the entire finance function and ensure that your financial reporting is accurate, timely and relevant.

We begin by understanding the current state of the financials and the existing team. Our goal is to arrive at a scalable and sustainable approach that ensures long-term reporting and oversight that meets your needs.

A Tailored Approach

We know that the support of a leader in finance, even in small amounts, is an important ingredient to give companies the financial insights, depth of analysis and support needed to thrive and grow over the long-term.

That’s why we offer flexible options tailored to your business needs – utilize a finance leader as much or as little as required.

Likewise, combining a Finance Leader with an experienced bookkeeper is a practical and affordable approach that provides a sustainable solution over the long-term.

Business Sherpa Group does not provide legal advice or Public Accounting Services as defined in Section 2 of the Public Accounting Act, 2004 (Ontario) nor does Business Sherpa Group represent to be a Chartered Professional Accountant firm acting as a public accountant or doing public accounting as defined in Section 1 and Section 23 of the Chartered Public Accountants Act of Ontario, 2017 (Ontario).  Business Sherpa Group is not a member firm of the CPA Ontario as defined in Section 1.1.32 in the Bylaws of the CPA Ontario nor does it practice public accounting nor accounting services to the public as defined in Sections 1.1.48 and 1.1.53 respectively in the Bylaws of the CPA Ontario.

Business Sherpa Group places finance leaders within organizations as an internal member of their management team as part of our BSG Executive Solutions. As a senior leader they operate independently to bring their own experience and knowledge in an expert capacity without any oversight or guidance from BSG. Any finance leader placed with a client as an internal member of their management team, who holds and wishes to maintain a CPA designation as a member of the CPA Ontario, is individually and personally responsible for, independent from Business Sherpa Group, meeting and maintaining the standards and obligations of the CPA Ontario.