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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Opportunity sometimes presents itself in the most extraordinary ways.

After working in the technology sector for ten years, my personal situation changed with the arrival of my first child. This change led me to seek out a different way of working. I tried part-time virtual work, and it was such a good fit that I’m still working as a virtual CFO many years later.

After full time employment with Ottawa high-tech companies, the shift to working as a virtual CFO allows me to work with clients ranging from technology start-ups to not-for-profits. Contract work offers me variety and flexibility. I love the challenges of supporting my clients but the virtual route also gives me a better work-life balance and the freedom to choose my hours.

More Choice

Virtual CFOs can typically support three to four clients and determine their own hours depending on their client base. Working as a Virtual CFO gave me the opportunity to work with a range of businesses and clients and the satisfaction of having a direct impact in different organizations.

Making a Difference

There’s intrinsic value in knowing you are making a difference and helping others make better decisions, whether it’s in a technology start up, an owner managed business or a charity. Virtual CFOs have been successful in their professions and are looking for change, whether it’s better work-life balance, the chance to apply their skills elsewhere, or to learn new things by working with different sorts of clients. In the end, I was motivated by the opportunity to help my clients in a way that made business sense for them.

Finding a Good Fit

People’s priorities change over the course of their careers. Shifting from an employee CFO to a Virtual CFO allowed me to continue to do the work I love while balancing other priorities. Smaller organizations need the level of expertise that seasoned experts can deliver but they don’t require a full time role. This can open up some really interesting opportunities that provide a good fit both for the organization and for the virtual CFO.

I am passionate about my work and really appreciate the opportunity to work with a variety of inspiring businesses. Working with multiple leadership teams has meant that I just keep learning, which in turn also benefits my clients.

For me, opportunity opened new doors to creating a work-life balance as a virtual CFO doing rewarding work. For clients, it delivers a customized, high value service that makes good business sense.

Business Sherpa Group offers bookkeeping services, which can be combined with the support of a Virtual CFO to provide a flexible, scalable, and sustainable solution to meet the needs of small and medium-sized organizations for the long term.

If you are considering working virtually and interested in exploring the possibility of working with Business Sherpa Group, visit the Join our Team page and tell us about what motivates you.

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About the Author

Jan O’Donnell is a virtual CFO and leads the Finance & Administration practice for the Business Sherpa Group. As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), she has been providing contract CFO support to high technology, small businesses and not-for-profit clients since 2004. Jan is passionate about combining her business and financial management expertise to provide a hands-on approach to building and enhancing the finance role within small and medium-sized organizations.[/vc_column_text][mk_contact_info email=”” person=”Jan O’Donnell” company=”Business Sherpa Group ” website=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]