Business Sherpa Group Announces New Practice Areas

Business Sherpa Group is expanding into two new practice areas.

To compliment our initial flagship Human Resources practice, we have now expanded our focus to include two new practice areas: Finance & Administration and Strategy & Governance.

The Finance & Administration practice, led by Jan O’Donnell, will focus on combining of senior financial leadership with the cost-effective efficiencies of a bookkeeper for sustainable financial results. Our Finance team consists of Virtual CFOs and Bookkeepers.

Learn more about the Finance & Administration practice.

The Strategy & Governance practice, led by Claude Haw, will serve as a safe haven for CEO’s, EDs, and owners who are looking to expand their own thinking and receive confidential guidance with the big decisions. Our Strategy team consists of executive level leaders who have been on the journey many times before.

Learn more about the Strategy & Governance practice.

With the focus on SMEs, it continues to be very satisfying to support these employers in meaningful ways that really elevates their performance.

Business Sherpa Group

Strategic and operational professionals providing flexible consulting services to SMEs.

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