Brandon Brown, CPA

Controller & Director, Cloud-Based Accounting

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Brandon Brown, CPA, Controller & Director, Cloud-Based Accounting

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Brandon Brown, CPA, is the Controller and the Director of the Cloud-Based Accounting team at Business Sherpa Group. Brandon is energized by organizations that embrace innovation and has a strong background in accounting systems implementation. Brandon has become a go-to expert for companies looking to streamline their financial processes and maximize efficiency.  

Brandon’s expertise lies in his ability to understand complex financial systems and problems and translate them into tangible, actionable solutions. He has a proven track record of designing and implementing accounting systems workflows that have resulted in significant cost savings and increased accuracy in financial reporting.  

Brandon has worked with a variety of industries and has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by each organization and tailors his approach to meet the specific needs of his clients. His passion for financial systems and process improvement has led him to pursue ongoing professional development opportunities and he holds a degree in accounting and is a certified public accountant (CPA).  

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys hand-crafting furniture and spending most of his free time outdoors. Making the most of the beautiful Canadian terrain Brandon has hiked in the Rocky Mountains and camped at most of the prominent parks Canada has to offer. He enjoys swimming and is an avid rock climber. 


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